The Department of Biotechnology and Physical Chemistry offers courses and diploma projects for all fields and specializations at the Faculty.

Within Physical Chemistry course (lectures, tutorials and laboratories) students acquire knowledge on the most important areas of the subject, crucial for understanding the structure of chemical compounds and chemical processes: Chemical Thermodynamics, Mono- and Multiphase Systems, Surface Phases and Colloidal Systems, Electrochemistry, Elements of Molecular Spectroscopy and Chemical kinetics.

Beside to Physical Chemistry and its branches, the Members of the Department teach other courses, such as: Fundamentals of Biopolymer Technology, Biophysics, Colloids in Biological Systems, Biocoordination Chemistry, Emulsion Physicochemistry, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Enzyme Reactions, Environmental Protection in Chemical Technology, The Chemist’s Musical Canon.
Courses in English: Adsorption Processes, Novel Media for Chemical Processing, Designing of Functional Molecular Systems, Molecular Structure of Liquids, Physical Chemistry

In the Department of Biotechnology and Physical Chemistry there are two very active Chemistry Student’s Scientific Association sections: Biotechnology Section and Physical Chemistry Section. The latter section is particularly known for their enthusiasm in popularizing chemistry among the general public by organizing spectacular demonstrations.


Contact Details:

Department of Biotechnology and Physical Chemistry (C-5)
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology
Cracow University of Technology
ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Kraków, Poland
Tel: +48 12 6282753, fax: +48 12 6282757
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Prof. Dariusz Bogdał