Informuję, że nominowani studenci  na studia częściowe w Chinach mogą ubiegać się o stypendium Rządu Chin na okres ich studiów w TJPU, po obowiązkowym zarejestrowaniu się online na stronie


Poniżej znajduje się instrukcja jaką otrzymałem z TJPU.

Instructions as follows:

Now we would send you instructions for 2018 March entrance and
continuing study students to complete Chinese Scholarship Council(CSC)
scholarship EU program application and placement registration.

1.log in and registration link: .

2.When you log in and register on line, the program category you should
choose is: B. Agency number of Tianjin Polytechnic University

3.The information marked with mandatory and supporting documents (marked
yes as mandatory)are required to upload as a must for a successful
submission on line. For 2018 March entrance students, you still may
upload the Letter with your name from your dispatching university as
Study Plan, Degree Certificate and Recommendation letter. CSC accept the
uploaded documents without notarization for this scholarship program so

4.The dead line for CSC on line submission is Dec.20,2017 for 2018 March
entrance and continuing study students.

5. You may log in and submit with new account for new semester if you
have ever registered for past study duration and cannot submit with your
previous profile.