Szczegółowa informacja o stypendiach (20 stypendiów dla studentów z Polski) dostępnych dla studentów chcących wziąć udział w Międzynarodowym szczycie Energetycznym dla Studentów (Student Energy Summit SES 2017), który odbędzie się w dniach 13-18 czerwca 2017 w Merida, Yucatan (Mexico):

Special Embassy of Mexico in Poland Guest Scholarship Contest for Polish Students
INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ENERGY SUMMIT (SES)Merida, Yucatan (Mexico). 13th- 18th June, 2017.


The Scholarships for Polish students offered by the Student Energy organization through the Embassy of Mexico in Poland.
1. The International Student Energy Summit is the biggest and most important energy event for students in the world. It will be held from June 13 to June 18, 2017 in Merida, Yucatan (Mexico).
2. The Summit will gather 800 higher education students from more than 120 countries with the potential to be future leaders of the energy sector.
3. Not only students from technical disciplines such as engineering, environment, energy, natural resources are summoned, but also students from other disciplines such as social sciences or even humanities concerned about the environment and the efficient use of energy.
4. The students participating in the Summit are selected by the Organizing Committee based on their CV and experience.
5. Before the event, a selection process is carried out to help ensure that the best students in the world attend the Summit.
6. The International Energy Summit for Students has taken place on four occasions and has brought together some 2,000 future leaders from more than 130 countries. Previously it has been carried out in: Bali, Indonesia (2015); Trondheim, Norway (2013); Vancouver, Canada (2011) and Calgary, Canada (2009).
7. There is a particular interest of the organizers and the Embassy of Mexico in Poland that attend the greatest number of Polish students from different universities and different areas of study. That is why it has been decided to award 20 scholarships to Polish students.
8. The scholarships consist of a reduction of 80% of the cost of participation that includes the stay in Mexico and access to all events, which is 800 USD.
9. For selected Polish students the scholarship will consist of a single payment of 150 USD which includes:
– Event registration package.
– Breakfast and lunch as outlined by the SES Schedule.
– Transportation between venues, the hotel, and airport.
– Three nights accommodation (June 13, 14 and 15).
– Access to all plenaries, keynote sessions, and workshops.
– Access to all SES hosted social events as outlined by SES Schedule.
10. The Poland-Mexico-Poland flight tickets shall be covered by each participant.
11. For a student to be eligible to win the Special Embassy Guest Bursary, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
– Being a university student (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral or the equivalent for each one).
– Having a professional English proficiency.
– Being over 18 years old by June 12, 2017.
– Having completed all the steps included in the description of the Special Embassy Guest Contest.
– The Organizing Committee can ask for any document or schedule an interview to validate the requirements stated before.
12. The 20 Polish students who will be awarded the scholarship described in point 9, will be selected by the Organizing Committee.
13. The Organizing Committee and the Embassy of Mexico will announce the results to the 20 selected students.
14. Those Polish students who have already registered on the Student Energy website will also be considered to obtain these scholarships.
15. There are competition rules attached to this Announcement.

Competition rules

The Special Embassy of Mexico in Poland Guest Scholarship Contest for Polish Students will be held with the aim of making students aware of the role of energy in society. For this, you shall:
– Take a picture of the role of energy in your community and the importance of energy transition.
– Like the SES 2017 (SES17) Facebook page.
– Upload your submission to your social media channels and be sure to tag SES with the hashtags #SpecialEmbassyContest and #SES2017.
– Make sure your post is set to Public so we can see it.
– Share your post with your friends, and invite them to comment, like and share to generate a conversation.
– Read the following Terms & Conditions and fill out this form with your basic information and the link to your submission.

Energy plays a key role in the development of communities, countries and the society itself. It is present on every aspect of the human life. However, the way it is produced, stored, distributed and used may not contemplate the damage to the environment.

Your picture must seek to present why it is important to transition towards a more sustainable energy system. You can choose to show an issue, an alternative, a reflection or anything present in your local surrounding. You can post your picture along with a short paragraph explaining the content of the image. We encourage creativity, so the use of image editors to add text, figures, effects, etc. is permitted.

The Jury will consider the central theme of your picture, the way you justify it, the originality and creativity used to show the image in the most visible way, and the capacity to generate interaction and discussion on social media.

Polish students interested in obtaining these scholarships will have to submit the necessary documentation and upload their photos from April 10.

April 10th – Competition starts, upload submissions, start the conversation!
Between May 3rd and May 7th – The Organizing Committee will select the 20 winners.
May 8th – The selected winners will be announced. The Embassy of Mexico in Poland and the Organizing Committee will announce the selected ones on its websites and via social networks.

Make your submission early! The sooner it’s uploaded to social media, the greater a conversation you can generate and the more chance you get to win a flight or the Summit.

Once you have been selected for the Special Embassy Guest Bursary, you’ll have until May 15th to send a copy to of all the documents you need to travel to México (visa and passport) or a certificate that shows your passport or visa is being processed. Otherwise, your Bursary will be canceled.

The following must be agreed to by all delegates in order to receive the Special Embassy Guest Bursary:

The International Student Energy Summit 2017 (SES 2017), the Universidad Autónoma de México or the Instituto de Energías Renovables, their officers, directors, employee’s, volunteers, members and representatives (hereafter referred to as “the University”) are not responsible for any claims including but are not limited to, injury or death, loss or damage of any kind sustained by any person while participating in the International Student Energy Summit, scheduled to take place on June 1th – 16th, 2017 and all related activities.

The personal information requested on the registration form will be handled according to Mexican Personal Information Protection Law of July 5, 2010[1]. It will be used for the purpose of implementing this registration only. The purpose of this code of contact is to outline the acceptable and appropriate types of behavior at SES 2017 as defined by the Organizing Committee, in order to collectively maintain the integrity, spirit, and safety of the event.

All invited attendees of SES 2017, have the responsibility to act in a manner deemed respectable, safe and appropriate, and as an ambassador of their delegation through the duration of the event, dated June 13-16, 2017.

In this agreement, the term “unacceptable” behavior will be referred to as:

Any behavior that negatively affects the image and reputation of SES 2017 on any grounds, leading up to, and including, the duration of the event.

Any behavior that involves excessive alcohol consumption to the point where, damage has been incurred on SES 2017 or other venue property, violence or aggression, or any questionable behavior results, as deemed by the SES 2017 Organizing Committee, as well as the venues, volunteers, and staff.

Any behavior that, to the greatest extent, is contrary to the spirit of SES 2017 where good faith and professionalism are not exhibited by the SES 2017 delegate.